Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

Seminar Graduates Comments

"Very manageable packets of information on which you alternate between psychological, technical topics and slides of cruising voyages. Nice mixture of speakers."
- D.M

"Truly terrific - An invaluable collection of advice form a large experience base."
- R.L.B

"I've attended lots of seminars - this is on of the best overall! I liked the pace, the information packed sessions, the visuals and variety of presenters. You thought of everything. Thanks."
- L.B

"John & Amanda,
Here we are in beautiful Hilo enroute to New Zealand for the new year and the America's Cup. The information from your seminar was truly a "Religious Experience". We hadn't planned to do this until right after your class - when we dropped everything and began the vigorous task of buying a boat, outfitting it and going to more classes. Thanks for the enlightenment."
- Jeanne & Dan

"Enjoyed the seminar this weekend immensely, a HUGE THANKS to you and Amanda. When asked my reactions, the best way that I could think of to explain the seminar was to say that you never talked down to anyone, even given your depth of knowledge and experience it was as though you were simply lending a hand talking to a group of fellow cruisers."
- GJ

"Hi John & Amanda,
I just wanted to let you know how much Grace Li and I enjoyed your seminar here in San Francisco. I'm so happy that you take the trouble to come down here and visit us and give us the learning opportunity. I learned more the second time around than the first, now that I have some experience owning a boat and have done some cruising on the Pacific coast I have a much better appreciation for the details presented in the class. Everything in the seminar seems very pertinent and useful. The first time I took the seminar was a few years back when I was just starting to look at buying a boat.

The information you gave made a pretty big change in my mind in the type of boat I was looking for. I certainly made a much more informed decision about what type of boat to get. The biggest change came about from the point you made about the importance of sailing performance. I spent quite a bit of time looking at performance specifications on different boats, which is surprisingly easy to come by from the U.S. Sailing Association. I ended up with a Norseman 447 which even though quite heavy, does sail fairly well.

I've certainly been very happy with my purchase, I can't think of any boat that suits me more. If one exists, I haven't heard of it."
- BF

I took your seminar in Burlingame in the spring of 1995. Three years later I quit my job, got married, and cast off the dock lines! You were right about the "laundry challenge"!; our most used piece of equipment is the Bendix washer/dryer. It was great to see you in Moorea, and who knows where we'll meet next?"
Rick and Melonie

 "Well organized, very educational and completely professional. . . worth much more than it costs. . . I would highly recommend it for anyone planning to cruise. . ."
S&T O, San Jose, CA

"We attended your seminar in Spring of 1997. We have made 2 incredible passages since. What a pleasure to meet you at Rangiroa atoll, Tuamotus. I had literally been reading your Offshore Cruising Companion, when Bill pointed out a HR coming in under sail - who else but you! Was thrilled to see our boat in your selection of worthy boats.. And she has served us well!
- Leslie and Bill Senn

"John and Amanda,
When I was 14 years old, I came down with this disease that afflicts some of us and that is sailing my own boat to faraway places. At that time I set my goal for Tahiti. (Where lese!) It took me a few years to reach the goal, but here I sit in Papeete with my own boat tied to the Quai.

Anyway, it is in great part because of you that my wife and I did it. First, the weekend seminar we took in Friday Harbor gave us the basic "book" knowledge we needed. Then the two weeks sailing in the Societies gave us the practical experience and courage to do it.

Thank you so much for your training, encouragement and friendship you have given us. You are a big part of our living our dream."
-Chris and Bobbi Brown

"Hello John and Amanda,
Just thought we would drop you a quick note to say hello from French Polynesia. I think we crossed each other somewhere along the equator as we were heading from Hawaii to Tuamotus and you were heading North.

We just want to thank you both for all the information you are so generous in giving to other trying to throw the lines and just leave. Life has gotten much easier now that we have left the states; now it's just boat chores, snorkeling and enjoying people here."
-Tori & Dixie

Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the weekend. You two and everyone else did an A+ job. We don't plan to start cruising for another 5 years but what we learned at the symposium will be very helpful as we make preparations and decisions during the next few years. We also plan to follow your log during your cruise to Europe.
Thanks again,
Gary and Janet Eerkes

"Enjoyed course, and we're doing it!"
David Sapiane & Patricia Dallas

John and Amanda-
You were right! The newly revised symposium is quite an improvement over the one we took four years ago, which we found very beneficial then. Thanks for sharing the dream, stoking the embers and, especially, for the dose of reality.

By the way, we met Jose F. and got his perspective on the HR36. Mike Locatell was also quite helpful.

Thanks again!

Jim and Judy
s/v Pacific Dream

Hi John and Amanda!

Just wanted to say how much Pat and I enjoyed the seminar; we really learned tons and it was worth every penny!

Our hats are off to you on one of the best organized two days either of us have ever been to either professionally or in our private lives, plus you are both truly delightful, down to earth people and it was a great pleasure to get to know you.

Thanks for a great weekend!! We are anxious to keep in touch so we will drop a note now and then and we hope our paths will cross in the South Pacific in '02!!!

Fair winds!

Doug and Pat Sterrett
S/V Sonsie
Southern Cross 39

"What is most valuable, to those of us who have not had 25 years of continuous cruising, is Neal's judgement as to all aspects of what to watch out for, what works and what doesn't, and overall perspective of how to make the experience worthwhile and enjoyable."
-CH, Jr. & MB, Los Angeles, CA

"I . . . came away with a sound foundation for carrying out a safe, healthy, offshore cruise"
-MC, Sunnyvale, CA

"We were delighted to see Mahina Tiare III sail into Maeva Beach anchorage Tahiti. Now we could thank you in person for the great offshore cruising course we had taken in Seattle in Fall of 1995. Your Offshore Cruising Companion has been very useful as a quick review when we encounter challenges underway. We found the sections on realistic expectations and psychological aspects of cruising weather, sail repair, medical, and priority equipment particularly helpful. It has been a joy to be out here cruising."
Jerry & Kathy Manifold

"Hi John and Amanda,
I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the great seminar last weekend.

I really had a great time and learned quite a lot; as a novice sailor, unlike my partner Tony, it was a great opportunity to get exposed to all aspects of sailing. The biggest gain of this weekend was that I met both of you, who made our trip plan across the pacific doable! It is so hard to get out of our busy days and to spend time to get ready for the cruising trip, but by meeting you, now we are more motivated and focused on what we ought to do to make our trip come true.

Tony and I are planning to leave in Fall, joining Baja-haha trip, then head across the Pacific. Australia and Japan were in our plan but New Zealand was not, until we met you; we now are looking into New Zealand. You made it sound like the country is a great place to visit!

Again, thank you very much, and we hope to see you sometime soon."

We just want to let all of you know about the wonderful experience that we both had this past weekend at the Mahina Tiare Expeditions Cruising Seminar that John Neal and Amanda Swan-Neal presented in South San Francisco on February 12th and 13th.

First of all, the presenters were all first rate, and obviously well prepared as well as knowledgeable.  It is really refreshing to have someone show-up for a seminar who has put some thought and effort into their presentation.  Equally important, their printed materials were well organized, easily understood, and, significantly, were interesting and enjoyable to read; they really held our interest and continue to do so.  But perhaps most importantly, both John and Amanda really communicated not only a sense of joy in being able to cruise to differing destinations, but they also imparted a tangible sense of confidence that the dream is an attainable reality.

When we left the seminar Sunday afternoon, we left with a sense that we had not only really learned a great deal but also a sense that an extended period of cruising in approximately three years was our reality!
-Tim & Melisse Cronin

Hi John & Amanda,
Just to let you know how impressed I am with the results of the sail training expedition my wife Jan spent with you in Fiji.

We picked up our new boat in Marathon, Florida last week. On the first sail Jan took charge of the helm, got us away from the dock under power, we hoisted main & jib and tacking to windward we went. Then we fell off on a broad reach, did a little wing & wing downwind work, and then decided to anchor for lunch. After lunch we motored over to top off fuel and then returned to our slip. Everytime I asked Jan if she wanted me to take the helm for a while she said no way, she was having a ball.

To sum things up Jan's sailing skills are much improved and level of self confidence is fantastic. Your course is the best investment I could have made to ensure a successful cruising adventure for us over the next ten years.
Pat Moore

Hi John and Amanda-- Gregg and I just returned from a week in Puerta Vallarta. As we plan on being there for Christmas on ANGEL this year, we thought we should go down and "research" the hotel situation and find a place for my Mom and kids to come and join us for the holiday.

We had a much needed rest and the sun and sea were heaven! We were able to spend an afternoon and evening with george and Nina Deane on their boat, CONVICTION, and we then took them to dinner. Had a great time!

They are VERY happy with their new cruising life and shared some insights with us about what to expect the first couple of months. (They met several couples whoever made it past San Diego because of relationship problems!) We enjoyed seeing their boat and it always amazes us how different people have different cruising "styles".

Amanda, I took the cookbook you gave me at the seminar to give to Nina, then like a doofus left it in my duffle in the hotel, and as they were leaving the next morning, was unable to give it to her! Dang. Two nights later we met Dan & Debi Dinsmore. Had a fun night out with them and Gregg and Dan could compare notes on our "sisterships". They followed us back tour hotel and I then gave the cookbook to Debi- she was in a glee about it! Karl Buhl has taken an apartment in San Diego and won't be aboard ANDANTE full time, just flying in for the "highlights", leaving Dan and Deb in charge. Nice situation for them, I'd say!!!

I really enjoyed being at the seminar in February. You guys have really put together a nice program-- your speaking abilities compliment one another and make the venue really interesting, and I truly never intended on staying for the whole day but found myself sitting in my little chair like a sponge, taking it all much more seriously than three years ago!!!

Picked up lots of tips to boot! I wanted to share a couple of things that I thought you might find interesting... (Besides the number of people who thought my name really is Cindy Lou)....The first two people who asked me questions were men, not women. One was already feeling guilty about leaving his teen aged son (who will be in college when his dad takes off cruising). He wanted to know how Gregg and I were handling those feelings, etc. The other fellow wanted to know my feelings about aging and health issues, because that was what was concerning his wife and keeping her from a 'thumbs up' to the whole idea. Then several women approached me on the issue of loved ones dying, illness in the family, etc., And seemed really eager to be able to express their concerns and fears.

During lunch, everyone at the table was sharing thoughts ranging from the self-imposed guilt of being what some would call "irresponsible" when one just up and quits their job and sails into the sunset, to wondering whether or not they should hang on to their homes. (You know, at this stage of my life, I figure that most of these uncomfortable feelings - guilt, pain, fear, discouragement, grief, et al- are part of life and will happen in varying degrees whether or not you're on a boat, and frankly, I'd just as soon be on the boat!) So all in all, it was great talking to those folks and helping them to acknowledge that the LETTING GO is an important part of cruising preparation. (I almost get to check that item off our 'boat list'!).

Gregg and I were interested to hear that you're getting bow thrusters! Hooray! I don't think I could dock our boat at Elliot Bay without 'em cuz the fairways are so darned narrow, and they've saved the day a couple of times in docking situations up north in strong currents! (But there is many a sailor who will sneer at you and turn up their nose when they hear those things a' goin'!)

It was great to see you guys! Your boat looked beautiful at the show, Amanda, your book is FABULOUS (and it's so fun to see it in stores now!), your seminar was great, your web page is fantastic.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to future cruisers, and so encouraging to Gregg and me!


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