Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

South Seas Adventures, Leg 4-1998, Log 12

July 20, 1998 1630
17.46S, 177.11E, Log 17,072, Baro 1010, Air 84, Water 80.4

At anchor, Musket Cove, Malololailai Island, Fiji

Well it's Bula from Fiji and apologies for a long overdue log 12. With leg 4 crew newly departed, without even being introduced to the site, and John in Sweden I have a few moments to play catch-up. So lets back up a bit. American Samoa held no surprises, thank goodness, so after a quick shop at the super Cost U Less store, laundry, fuel, and water it was time to meet the leg 4 crew.

Sally Tinsley, 52 from Ft Worth, TX,is a R.Nurse who owns a Capri 25. With an impressive sailing record from the Caribbean to local lake racing Sally's learning objectives were to increase her skills in navigation, heavy weather offshore sailing, and to feed her sailing wanderlust.

Joe Wilcox, 54 from Seattle, WA is in the process of outfitting a newly purchased Island Packet 350. Taking his first summer vacation from teaching Astronomy Joe's main objective was to experience an ocean passage before sailing to Hawaii on his yacht.

Don Kauffman, 66 from Phoenix, AZ, has a sailing repertoire that includes two years as a navigator in the Navy. Involved in the furniture business his passion for adventure and love of the outdoors lured him aboard. Al Miller 71, also of Phoenix, is an Orthopedic Surgeon who enjoys sailing. Joining Mahina Tiare Al plans were to refresh his sailing skills, becoming more competent in electronic navigation whilst exploring rarely visited places.

Martin Streibel, 45, from Puerto Allergre, Brazil is a photographer who wished to share and understand what it really means to sail in unknown waters. Martin also wanted to gain experience on how to make seaworthy decisions.

Danny Victor, 21, from Bloomfield Hills, MI has recently graduated from college and was aboard as the launch pad for his 5 month South Pacific travels. New to sailing Danny hoped to gain knowledge on how to skipper a boat and chart his own course in life.

Departing Samoa on the 30th July we were delayed when the anchor windless made plaintive groaning noises reminiscent of the whale bone encounter in Antarctica. Sure enough our surprise had sprung as we'd ploughed up a net still attached 40 ft below. Martin leaped to the rescue hacksawing the stringy mess away, to daunting and firmly grounded to salvage.

Joe takes a sun sight while Martin does his trick at the helm.

We had a stiff 20 knot SE breeze that held until our arrival at Wallis 3 days later. Seasickness reigned apart from Joe who was delighted and firmly convinced that ocean voyaging was for him. Danny on his first night watch was a little hesitant, you don't see waves this big on a lake! A day of R@R at the fringe motu including instruction aloft and it was of for the Island tour, not before a five course luncheon ashore including Baked Alaska.

An overnight sail to Fatuna saw the steady SE breeze holding. Sally was getting to grips with shipboard life while still being under the weather and the results were her awesome perfect helming in all conditions. Due to the unprotected anchorage our visit was brief but very welcome. Al went wandering ashore and I'm still not too sure what he did in the rain for four hours.

Fiji here we come, as a great 20 knot easterly pushed us along. Martin, still struggling with seasickness had firmly decided to work hard for a few more years so that his future sailings will be with a skipper and cook. Paying overtime to customs on Saturday we cleared into Savusavu and enjoyed the excellent hospitality of Copra Shed Marina.

Savsavu, Fiji.

Just hangin' out at the Copra Shed Marina.

A quick pitt stop at the capital of Suva then off to Daku Village on the Island of Kadavu. Our welcome was warm and merry with everyone fondly remembering our visit on the Women's trip last year. The village upon hearing that both Cheryl and Cindy have recently purchased new HR's are now eagerly awaiting their arrival to Daku.

Joe saves the day in Daku Village.

Sunday lunch in Daku Village with Epi, Kata and family.

We had gathered childrens books over the past year to give to the school library and a special thank you to Karen Radley for her efforts. The books were greatly appreciated and as a result of a donation from the Women's Leg crew the school has purchased an electric typewriter to aid in writting the qualifying examinations for the higher education boarding schools. We enjoyed the relaxed village atmosphere, even trying our sporting talents at volley ball while Don surreptitiously entertained the smiling faces of the small children who gathered around him like a magnet.

Donating library books to Vunisei District School. Kadavu Island.

Sunday 15 August was blast through the night to Malolo Lailai Island. Falling in love at the sight of Musket Cove Resort Danny decided that this was paradise found, he can still be found down at the beach under a coconut tree.

Wednesday was fond farewell to a learned and experienced crew at Vunda Point Marina where the facilities are a yachties dream.

Amanda and Sally catch yet another Mahi Mahi!

Now it's just me aboard and I'm busy in the throughs of behind the scene maintenance.....
The sun is shining, the water blue, and friends abound.

To the next log entry Leg 5:
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