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Leg 4, Update 1

We've had a brilliant time in our Falmouth break between Legs 3 & 4, and just received an excellent forecast for our crossing of the English Channel and Bay of Biscay, starting tomorrow morning.

Mylor Yacht Harbour

Nigel Calder lent us his mooring at Mylor Yacht Harbor, a very well-organized marina, mooring field and boatyard just a couple miles away from bustling little Falmouth town. We enjoyed long morning country runs on beaches and through little villages and the warm and sunny weather allowed us to catch up on varnish touch-ups, resealing the decks with Semco and waxing the topsides. A real treat was renting a car and driving N along Cornwall’s rugged coast to spend a night in a haunted hotel built in 1515 in which King Edward VII stayed on one of his many trysts and explore Port Isaac where the BBC series Doc Martin was filmed.

Exploring Port Isaac, Cornwall, home of Doc Martin

Yesterday as we were packing away groceries I noticed a smart looking technician walking down the dock with radar displays under either arm. I asked if we was an electrician/installer, he answered yes, and he ended up coming aboard two hours later with a ladder and helped troubleshoot our external Iridium antenna which had been steadily losing signal strength over the last several years. He found a couple of crimped wires and upon removing the antenna found it had several deep cracks in the housing. The new-style replacement antenna crew had brought down fitted perfectly and now we have a much stronger signal. Hooray!


Ok – here’s the forecast just sent us:

To: John Neal and the crew on s/y "Mahina Tiare III"
From: Commanders' Weather Corp, tel 603-882-6789
Route: Falmouth, UK to La Coruna
Depart: 0600utc Wed, July 12, 2017
Prepared: 1115utc Mon, July 10, 2017

1) At this time, it looks OK leaving Wed AM or Thu!!
a) main concern for stronger NE to E-NE winds for last 60 miles to La Coruna
2) Low pressure moves E and into the southern UK by later Tue or Tue night
3) Ahead of this low and front, there will be stronger S-SW to S winds and squally conditions thru much of Tue
a) Winds into 20s, and
b) Cold front pushes thru sometime later at night
4) Behind this cold front, wind diminishes and shifts right into NW to N by Wed AM, which will give favorable conditions to depart
5) Ridge axis of high pressure quickly shifts E to bring lighter conditions by later Wed or Wed night
a) Wind down to 10 kts or less after 12 UTC Wed, then
b) Little or no wind by 18 utc
6) Another high builds/expands N and NE of Azores during Wed night into Thu, and
7) To the E of this high and ridge extending NE, there will be a slowly increasing W-NW to NW breeze during Thu
a) Wind speeds to 10-15 kts late
8) Ridge shifts/expands more E-NE toward Brest during Fri
9) As you get more S, flow will be clocking from NW to N, then into NE during Fri
a) wind speeds mainly in teens
10) In between this high/ridge axis, and trough enhancing over interior Spain/Portugal, there will be an increasing NE to E-NE flow later Fri and Fri night
a) Wind increasing into 20s to near 30 kts, S of 45N, and
b) There is chance for gusts to 30-35 kts before arriving to La Coruna
11) Stronger E-NE to NE flow continues off La Corona thru Sat and probably into Sun as well

1) Think you can take close to rhumb line or direct route to La Coruna
2) Estimated positions listed below

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Tue, July 11
00: 230-250/10-15
06: 210-230/14-20
12: 180-200/17-25 squally
18: 220-250/15-22
Weather…mainly cloudy with rain and possible period of heavier rain/squalls
Seas 4-6 ft from SW

Wed, July 12
00: 250-280/12-20 – cold front pushing thru
06: 350-020/12-18 departing
12: 350-020/ 16-10
18: bcmg light/var <6
Weather…Partly cloudy to fair
Seas 4-6 ft W-SW swell

Thu, July 13
00: 300-320/ 5-9
06: 300-330/ 6-10
12: 290-310/ 7-12 near 47 45n/06 30w
18: 290-310/10-15
Weather…partly cloudy
Seas 3-5 ft, NW swell

Fri, July 14 – wind clocking, as you get more S
00: 310-330/10-15
06: 320-340/12-17
12: 340-010/10-15 near 45 30n/07 30w
18: 010-040/12-17
Weather…partly cloudy
Seas 3-5 ft, NW swell

Sat, July 15 – potential for wind on higher end of forecast
00: 040-070/15-22
06: 060-080/20-30 g35
09: 050-070/30-20 nearing La Corona
12: 030-050/17-25 g33 offshore
18: 020-040/17-25 g30
Weather…partly cloudy
Seas up to 5-7 ft from NE

Best regards,
Chris Wasserback

Commanders' Weather Corporation
Check us out on Facebook
Celebrating our 21st Anniversary - 1996-2017
Tel: 603-882-6789
Normal hours of operation: 5am to 5pm US eastern time, 7 days a week




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