Captions Leg 2 Inter Tahiti O1 Leaving the island of Tahiti 02 Sue's map of the island we plan to visit 03 Landing our first wahoo 04 Ceviche prep chefs Dick and Bob 05 M.T sailing in Rangiroa's lagoon 06 Crew prepare to drop the main 07 Stowing the sails 08 Sue strikes a morning yoga pose 09 In search of a secluded anchorage 10 Exploratory shore trip 11 Burning the results of an hours beach cleanup 12 Standing tidal waves in Rangiroa's eastern pass 13 A shipwrecked trawler at Tikihau's pass 14 The western outer reef on Tikihau 15 Even the waste copra coconut husks are tidy on Tikihau! 16 Tikihau kids playing volleyball on the main street 17 The cargo boat Mareva Nui came alongside the jetty at night and we didn't even know it 18 Captain John relays another set of instructions to the bow lookouts 19 Approaching Huahine 20 Mt Finger and Mt Mouatoru - northern shore of Huahine Iti 21 Lynn and Sue - ready to explore Huahine 22 Fare's main street is alive with the excitement of a youth triathlon 23 Huahine's lagoon pearl farm 24 Open oyster shell with black pearl 25 Dennis befriends a cat at lunch 26 Kids at play along Fare's town's beachfront 27 Fare's small boat landing at sunsetf 28 Sue helps bob into the bosun chair 29 Mrs Mahi 30 Sue works on her navigation to Moorea 31 A look into from Opunohu Bay from our outer reef snorkel trip 32 Dennis dives to check out a chasm 33 Dick with another tasty ceviche concoction 34 Traditional art displayed on the Mayors office - Papetoai 35 Oldest church in French Polynesia 36 A page from Susan's journal 37 Crew morning study class is storm tactics 38 The Kellum house and garden 39 Marimari Kellum pointing out the lantern hibiscus her father would pick everyday for her mother 40 Kaimiloa - the ship of Marimari's grandfather 41 Heliconia flower 42 Bat lily 43 Leg 2 Crew 44 Opunohu Valley 45 Marae Titiaroa 46 M.T undergoing man overboard maneuvers 47 Michael enjoying a fluffy drink at Alfredo's Italian Restaurant 48 Entertainer Ron and waiter Thomas sing duet 49 Dick takes a noon site