Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

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John Neal & Amanda Swan Neal Present Exciting Free Seminars

2016 Seminars

Seattle Boat Show: Jan. 29-Feb. 1

2016 Seattle Boat Show Seminars

January 29, 30, 31 & February 1

Friday, January 29: North Hall, Stage 2

3:00 Diesel Engine Essentials with Amanda
Amanda Swan Neal will guide you through the six essential components of diesel engines giving you a good understanding of how engines work and how to troubleshoot and care for them based on her 38 years of going to sea. A free handout highlights the essential points and resources of this seminar.

5:00 Ocean Cruising Boat Selection
John Neal and Pete McGonagle detail latest market trends and 22 key points to consider when purchasing a boat for extended coastal or offshore passage making, based on their combined 1,430,000 sea miles and 72 years of experience. Drawing on their extensive and objective knowledge of boats and builders worldwide, they can help you quickly narrow your search. A free handout is included and a 37 page booklet is available for purchase.

Saturday, January 30: Club Level, Stage 4

1:00 Ocean Voyaging Preparation
20 steps to prepare for sailing to Mexico, the South Pacific, Alaska or the Med. Topics covered include: selecting and outfitting your boat, electrical systems, navigation, cost of cruising, insurance, seamanship and communication options. Based on John & Amanda Neal's combined 644,000 miles and 79 years' experience. A free handout details this seminar.

3:00 Surviving Storm Conditions
When storm avoidance is no longer an option survival becomes critical. John & Amanda Neal show you the safest survival tactics including some radical new techniques based on their combined 644,000 miles and decades of experience in the high latitudes of the Pacific and Atlantic, six Cape Horn roundings and the Queen's Birthday Storm. A concise 25 page text is available illustrating and detailing this seminar.

Sunday, January 31: Club Level, Stage 4

1:00 South Pacific: Sailing from Seattle to New Zealand
Latest information on how to safely sail through Paradise - uncrowded South Seas isles where friendly islanders welcome you. Includes updates on El Nino, passage timing, safe & secluded anchorages plus new services available to cruisers detailed in images and a free handout based on John & Amanda Neal's combined 408,000 miles and 60 years of South Pacific experience.

3:00 Seasickness: Conquering and Eliminating It!
What really works; based on John Neal's systematic research conducted over 40 years while sailing 343,000 miles with 1200 sailors from Cape Horn to the Arctic. A detailed free handout is included.

Monday, February 1: North Hall, Stage 2

1:00 Secrets of Successful Cruising
John & Amanda will share how-to tips and knowledge to help you prepare for your own successful cruising adventures, whether to Mexico, the South Pacific, Caribbean or Europe. They will also share highlight and disasters from their favorite cruising destinations around the world, based on their combined 644,000 miles and 79 years of experience.

3:00 Galley Essentials with Amanda
48 North's monthly culinary columnist shares her recent offshore galley adventures, showing you how to excel in provisioning, organizing, cooking and entertaining aboard.

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