Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

Books and Videos by John & Amanda

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Offshore Cruising Companion

Offshore Cruising Companion

by John Neal & Amanda Swan Neal

An indispensable stand-alone guide for preparing yourself and your sailboat for safe coastal and offshore adventures, as well as the textbook for the Offshore Cruising Seminars. John and Amanda offer unbiased sage advice on over 36 topics including: Boat Selection, Priority and Optional Equipment, Seamanship, Anchoring, Storm Tactics, Communications, Insurance and Managing your Escape.

Updated annually, this comprehensive book also contains multiple checklists and resources allowing you to fast-track your cruising dreams into reality.

264 pp, $60.00
plus $10 domestic, $20 foreign shipping
45th edition, updated Jan. 2015

Marine Diesel Engine Essentials - A Learning and Coloring Book

by Amanda Swan Neal

This 20-page coloring book takes you on an exploratory adventure to help you understand the six systems that make a marine diesel engine work. As you color, notes, labels and whimsical sea-themed friends help you identify the individual components of each system.

Created by Amanda, illustrated by sailing artist Andrea England and endorsed by diesel engine expert Nigel Calder.

Price: $10.00 and $2 s/h

Storm Survival Tactics

by John and Amanda Swan-Neal

This 25 page booklet accompanies our one-hour Mastering Storm Survival and Avoidance boat show seminar and covers the following topics: Selecting Your Boat & Equipment, Sail Reduction Guide, Understanding Weather, Storm Procedures & Tactics, Seasickness and Dealing with Anxiety and Fears in Storm Conditions.

Price: $10.00

The Expedition Companion

by John and Amanda Swan-Neal

This comprehensive manual covers most topics taught on our sail-training expeditions. If you're joining us for an expedition you will receive this by mail in March. If you're considering signing up, this book will help you evaluate our offshore instruction program and we will refund the cost of the book.

98 pp, updated annually $20.00 plus $2 shipping

The Essential Galley Companion

by Amanda Swan-Neal

The Essential Galley Companion redefines the traditional concept of boating cuisine with an intriguing collection of 375 international recipes and galley advice interwoven
with tales of personal adventure.

Click here to purchase for your Kindle

Log of the Mahina: A Tale of the South Pacific

by John Neal

"Above all, the Log of the Mahina is a practical book, which should be required reading for all yachties venturing into the dangers and pleasures, physical and romantic, that lie in wait in Polynesia. The book abounds with information about passes and beacons and port requirements; it provides detailed pen pictures about many of the less frequented ports of call and includes a how-to-do-it-yourself primer on preparing a yacht for offshore cruising." -- Pacific Islands Monthly

"For Neal his log becomes more a journal and less a log, a recounting of his impressions of what he saw and who he met. The result is a book without affectation . . . an honest, simple record of one man's adventure.

With stops that include the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti, the Societies, the Cooks, Samoa, and Christmas Island, plus falling in love, tearing up his rudder, and getting home, Neal has a lot to tell. What he does cover serves as both a guide and inducement for anyone with a Pacific cruise in mind, either as plans about to be fulfilled or dreams of some future date when, like Neal, it seems the time to try something new." -- SAIL Magazine

Sailing/South Pacific. 282pp. ISBN 0 918074 02 9. $16.95 US.

Click here to purchase for your Kindle

Mahina Tiare Pacific Passages

by Barbara Marrett and John Neal

used copies can be purchased via

"Mahina Tiare, Pacific Passages is filled with honest and very different insights from both sides of a cruising couple who made the life-style work. In their sensitive writing styles they tell of their first cruise together -- he the experienced offshore sailor with wanderlust, she the novice sailor with spunk who was looking for a real change in her life. We follow their adventures as they take Mahina Tiare through some of the most remote and beautiful of the South Pacific islands, as they work to earn a living along the way, as they learn about the limits of endurance each can sustain, and then the story of closing the circle with the sale of their boat." -- Bernadette Bernon, Editor, Cruising World Magazine

Practical information includes:

  • Upgrading and outfitting an offshore boat
  • Pre-departure checklist
  • Gift giving and trading
  • Bonds for French Polynesia
  • Clearing Customs
  • Costs of cruising
  • Mail and package handling

      South Pacific/Sailing Adventure. 304pp. ISBN 0 918074 04 5. U.S.A. $19.95. Canada $26.95.

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Sailing to Cape Horn: The Ultimate Adventure with John Neal

Join author/adventurer John Neal, Whitbread Race veteran Amanda Swan and crew aboard Mahina Tiare, a 42' Hallberg-Rassy sailboat as they sail the length of Chile's dramatic channels. Explore uncharted canals bordered by snow-capped Andes mountains enroute to Cape Horn where they battled 60-75 knot winds during their Ultimate Adventure.

Includes Tips On:


  • Preparing for Ocean cruising
  • Storm Preparation
  • Weather Tactics
  • Anchoring
  • Electronics
  • Landfall formalities


Running Time Approximately 60 Minutes



Sailing to Antarctica: An Odyssey In Ice with John Neal and Amanda Swan

Mahina Tiare, a 42' Hallberg-Rassy sailboat left Cape Horn bound for Antarctica. During the next 4 weeks what unfolded for John Neal, Amanda Swan and their crew was an amazing voyage and discovery of Antarctica's beauty. Join author/adventurer John Neal, Whitbread Race veteran Amanda Swan as they lead this expedition to an ice bound land visited by few sailors.

Includes information On:

  • Provisioning
  • Weather Tactics
  • Anchoring
  • communications
  • Navigation


Running Time Approximately 40 Minutes


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