Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.

Mahina Expeditions offers offshore sail-training expeditions, offshore cruising seminars and boat purchase consultation.
Martinsson Brothers Boatyard
One of the best boatyards I've seen

Since starting cruising in 1974, I've hauled out at all kinds of boatyards; some scary, some efficient, and most somewhere between the extremes. But yesterday in Sweden as we drove away from Mahina Tiare to travel home I felt really relived she was in good hands, so much so that I had to share my "peace of mind" with you.

We left MT in Broderna Martinsson Varvs AB (Martinsson Brothers Boat Yard) located an hour north of Gothenburg in Svineviken Bay (Swine Bay) on the Island of Orust. Martinssons was started in 1946 by Hakan and Ingvar's father and specialized in building wooden racing yachts from 505 dinghies to beautiful Sparkman-Stephens designed racing sloops. Rather than switch to fiberglass the yard shifted focus to refits and winter storage, and has steadily expanded. Now each winter they store and refit 75 boats, 35' - 80' within huge secure buildings

We started hearing of Br. Martinsson yard several years ago by cruisers who had wanted to store their boats their for the winter, only to find the yard sells out of space 1.5 - 2 years ahead so we made contact and received a confirmation two years ago. The unique thing about Br. Martinsson yard is that they are one of the few yards worldwide that they can handle nearly all projects in house to a very high quality at a very reasonable price.

Yesterday when we arrived we found only one open slip in their private marina and saw eight boats between 40' and 60' having sails dropped, rigs pulled and topsides buffed. In just two hours we met with Hakan and Ingvar and went over our four page - 50 item refit list which finished with an offered a ride to the bus stop in nearby Henan to catch our bus to Gothenburg airport. Now that's efficiency! We had spent the previous week getting MT ready for the winter which included cleaning, sorting lockers, organizing the project list with matching labels throughout the boat and more cleaning!

Here's a sample of what Martinssons will be doing for Mahina Tiare

Overall maintenance:
This is not a do-it-yourself yard. Their specialty is a set price that includes everything: you drop the boat off at their dock and then pick it up 4-6 months later. In the meantime, the yard winterizes the engine and all systems including heating, cooling, refrigeration, watermakers, removes the sails and mast and then compounds and waxes the topsides and cabin sides, stores the boat inside, then antifouls the bottom, relaunches, re-rigs and gets all systems running and checked out before the owner's return in the springtime. (Amanda hopes there will be a chocolate on her pillow when we return). Amazingly their hourly rate is 410 Swedish kroner, or US$54.

The yard has a full rigging shop and in fact manufactures rigging or lifelines for several of Sweden's best known manufacturing boat yards including neighbors Malo and Hallberg-Rassy. They are agents for (and come highly recommended by) Selden Masts whose worldwide headquarters are not far away in Gothenburg.

We are replacing all standard rigging (after 107,085 miles without a single failure) and worn fittings on mast and boom.

As Volvo's second largest Swedish parts dealer, Martinssons come highly recommended by Volvo, headquartered in Gothenburg, for maintenance, rebuilds and repowering.

We are having extended routine maintenance done and the yard quickly pointed out that the engine mounts have compressed. Exhaust hose is being replaced turbo, starter, alignment, valves, Max prop will be serviced. Not bad after 8,100 hours!

Teak decks and repairs
The yard specializes in replacing or repairing teak decks on Swans and with their wooden boat builders background they can easily handle any repairs or modifications.

We are having a section of teak caprail that was damaged ten years ago in shipping replaced and minor teak deck repairs done.

Electronics Installations and Repairs:
When asked if they could replace our backstay mounted radar with a stainless steel pole mount on the transom to also include four additional antennas for satcoms, Navtex and GPS, they said, "No problem!"

Interior woodwork and modifications is Ingvar's specialty, so we are looking forward to having him do some upgrades and changes to the galley, new integrated locking head door latch (for all crew who have slammed the old door or forgotten to lock it) and installation of Navtex receiver at the nav station.

Fiberglass structural repairs:
We are having additional storage bulkheads constructed under the floor boards.

We are replacing worn ball valves, taps, hot water cylinder and holding tank valves.

Other services include

LPU Painting:
Another specialty is Awlgrip finishes. We saw a 15 year old Swan 65 that had been painted two years earlier, and it looked perfect. Our gel coat is still in awesome shape, but we are getting some transom dings repaired.

Cushions, Carpets, Curtains and Interiors:
Rossy, a local company that does interiors for top Swedish yards is close by so it was easy to send the cushions, carpets and some of the curtains off to get replaced. The quoted prices are 30-40% less than we would expect to pay on the West Coast.

Thanks Martinssons for the "peace of mind."

Contact info:
Mail: Svineviken Pl 2741, S-47395 Henan, Sweden
Tel: 46-304-5904, fax 46-304-59440
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